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mypic - Consulting and training on Big data, AI & Machine Learning.
- An alumni of IIM, Bangalore.
- Has about 20+ years of industry experience.
- Has trained 1000+ professionals on Big Data and AI & ML.
- An adjunct faculty at IIM, Bangalore, ISB, Hyderabad and Jio Institute
Manaranjan Pradhan LinkedIn

Manaranjan has co-authored the best-selling book Machine Learning using Python

He has published the following machine learning cases in (HBR) Harvard Business Publishing:

  1. Customer Analytics at Big Basket – Product Recommendations
  2. Improving Lead Generation at Eureka Forbes Using Machine Learning Algorithms


  • Business Analytics and Intelligence, IIM Bangalore (2014-2015)
  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, University College of Engineering (VSSUT), Odisha (1994-1998)